Are You Ready To Get Started With Kettlebells and Transform Your Body Starting Right Now?

Discover How To Perform The Most Effective Total Body Exercises For Fast, Proven Results That Will Shed Body Fat, Build Strength, and Transform Your Body With The Ultimate Simplicity and Sheer Power of Russian Kettlebell Training.

A kettlebell is the single most effective tool I've ever experienced in my 30 years of training. For rapid fat loss, fast strength gains, and the highest level of total body performance and conditioning, this is the ultimate training method.

Fair Warning: If you want to fully maximize the benefits of kettlebell training, it’s essential for you to properly learn how to use this powerful training tool correctly.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did.

I’ll explain all about kettlebells in a minute, but first I wanted to tell you not to make the same mistake I did when I started out.  That mistake was not getting the right instruction from the begininng.  While I did get a great book on kettlebell training in the beginning, I needed more.  You see, after 6 months of training on my own, I finally got the proper instruction that made a huge difference in my training and got me results.

The foundation of all kettlebell exercises is built on the fundamentals first.  If you don’t have those down, well, you’re not going to get the results you want.  And, you’re not training with the level of safety you should.

If you’re new to kettlebells or if you’ve never been properly trained in how to use them, then you’ll need to seriously consider getting the training you need because it’s all about getting the basics down before anything else.

Nothing is more frustrating than doing something and then finding out that what you’ve been doing is ALL wrong.  That’s exactly what happened to me.  But, after I got the proper training, my results skyrocketed.  The most important thing you need to know about kettlebell training is to get the right training.

Avoid the hassles, headache, and frustrations right from the beginning.

The Truth About Exercise Training.

The wrong exercises, the wrong training programs, the wrong training tools.  Most people simply don’t know how or what to do to get the biggest results from their training.  For many people, this is very true.  And, many people make the mistake of doing the wrong things and even worse, too much of the wrong things.

For example, a current fitness trend is to do a big list of different exercises, but the problem with that is that you don’t get good at anything.  Ever heard the expression “jack of all trades, master of none.”  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather master something rather than nothing at all.

The real truth is, you don’t need to do a lot of different things because real results comes from doing just a few things and doing those few things really, really well.

Getting results has been and will always be about doing the fundamentals.  The solution for getting results is surprisingly simple, as you’ll see.

Even though kettlebell training is on the rise, it’s really mind-blowing that there’s so many people that still have absolutely no idea about the power of this type of training!

Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated And It Absolutely Does Not Have to Drain Your Time.

Let me tell you this, exercise is not complicated.  As a matter of fact, it’s very simple.  But, simple does not mean easy.  Do you realize that 80% of your results comes from 20% of what you do in an exercise program?  So, what if you threw out the other 80% of the “sfuff” that most people do in a program and focused just on the most important 20% of the effective exercises?

I tell you what would happen.  You’d have massive results!

I discovered kettlebells a few years ago (after 30 years of weight training experience) and have NEVER, EVER looked back.  This is the “real deal.”

I’ve also discovered that the very BEST results comes from doing just a few things and doing them really well.  Forget all the extra stuff and focus on what works!  If you want to add in some “fancy” stuff later, after getting mastering the fundamentals, that’s fine.

Instead of doing what most people do (doing a long list of exercises and not getting any better with any of them), I decided to focus on the fundamentals.

The results were spectacular and totally transformed my body.  I’ve had so many people ask me what I was doing and how to learn the exercises I was doing.

There wasn’t really a product that taught the fundamentals in a simple, concise, and safe training system and could be implemented by anyone to learn the key exercises that provided what I call “big bang” results.  ”Big bang” results are fat loss, total body strengthening and conditioning, and lean muscle building, just to name a few benefits.

Another concern is that most people have a ton of excuses for not exercising.  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about because we’ve ALL had this excuse before.  “I don’t have the time.”  Let me tell you the real truth, getting phenomenal results does not have to take a lot of time.  Most of my workouts when I discovered kettlebells were 30 minutes or less!

If you’re anything like me, you may not have a lot of time.  Time is everyone’s challenge, even mine.  Again, there ‘s a simple solution.

OK, Let’s Clear Up Kattlebells, Cowbells, Kettleballs, & More Confusion.

Like I mentioned, countless people have STILL not even heard about the benefits kettlebells or how to use them properly.  You may be even be one of them.

When I mention the word kettlebell, a typical response someone says to me is “Kattlebells, Cowbells, or Kettleballs” in an attempt to find out what it is I’m talking about.

If you’re new to kettlebells, a kettlebell is simply a cast iron ball with a handle.  It basically looks like a cannon ball with a handle.

But, the shape and design offers something so unique that can’t be replicated with any other training modality.  When you learn how to use it properly, it’s literally like nothing else.

Kettlebells have been around for many, many years, but they are now catching on and growing in popularity.  As more and more people discover how truly effective this is, it’s only going to grow and grow.  This is definitely no fitness fad.

Here’s a Big Red Flag You Need To Lookout For.

This is one of the biggest problems I’ve seen with kettlebells.  The problem is that some “trainers” teach it with absolutely no training themselves.  This is wrong.

I’ve seen self proclaimed kettlebell ‘gurus,’ celebrity trainers, and apparent fitness experts put together training systems that are not “authentic” kettlebell exercises and programs.  I’ve even seen things that are far from anything that is close to what kettlebell training truly is.

What I mean by that is that the programs are workouts you could do with dumbbells or other pieces of equipment and are not true kettlebell exercises.  They say they are doing a “kettlebell workout” but they are simply using a kettlebell and doing a traditional exercise.  This isn’t kettlebell training.

This is very important for you to understand because some of the most important kettlebell exercises cannot be done with anything other than a kettlebell.  And most important, some of these programs are just not safe.

In my nearly 30 years of training, I am humble enough to admit that kettlebell training requires the proper instruction to teach.

Because kettlebells are a higher level movement based training, it’s very different from traditional exercise.

My point is that to teach it, the instructor MUST be trained themselves.  If anyone is teaching kettlebells and has not invested in their own training, you’re not getting the quality instruction and the benefits you deserve.

I can’t emphasize this any more clearly, but you need to learn kettlebells from someone that knows what they are doing (whether that’s me or another certified trainer, please make sure they have the proper qualifications).

Here’s why. Again, you won’t get the results you should and more importantly, you could get injured.  This is why it is absolutely critical for you to learn from a properly trained kettlebell instructor, which leads me to…

The Gold Standard In Kettlebell Instruction

While there are many kettlebell certification programs out there, in my opinion, the gold standard in kettlebell instruction is the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Cerfified Instructor).

I did extensive research when I was interested in becoming certified and with my training and background, I found that the RKC is the premier kettlebell training system in the industry because it teaches the most effective movement and training techniques, among many other reasons I won’t go into right now.

With my background as a physical therapist, I found the level of training in the RKC system was simply exceptional.  I wanted the best and that’s what I found with the RKC.

The challenge is sometimes being able to find and get to a certified instructor.  I know it’s not always easy to find a local certified instructor that you can get to quickly and conveniently.

As I keep saying, it’s so important, especially as a beginner, to learn how to perform these exercises correctly. Learning the fundamentals is the most important thing.  Once you have that, the results will follow.

My Own Story of Transformation (This Is A Little Embarrassing…)

Here’s my quick and dirty story of my transformation.  I started working out when I was in my teens.  Soon after that I entered my first bodybuilding competition and I was completely immersed for about 6 years.

I was in great shape when I competed, but then “life” happens.  I got busy, didn’t eat as well as I should have, and got overweight, as a result.

I thought my “hard body” days were way behind me.  I used to be proud to take my shirt off, then for a while, I was embarrassed. Over time, my belly got bigger and I got fatter (I really hate to admit that, but it’s true).

Like I said, it was after I got the right instruction that my results skyrocketed.  Once you learn how to do the key exercises the right way, your results can be dramatic.  Atleast, that was the case with me.

I Was Absolutely Shocked!

When I discovered kettlebells a few years ago, I was literally blown away at the raw effectiveness of such a simple tool.  This stealth, powerful training method was the shot in the arm I needed to get back on the right path to strength, health, and performance.

I re-discovered the person I’ve always been and unleashed my physical potential with the sheer simplicity and power of kettlebells. It’s my hope I can show you how to do the exact same…

Soon after I started training and got the proper instruction with this simple training tool, I shed 20 pounds of body fat, got stronger than I’ve ever been in my entire life, went down 3 waiste sizes, and feel fitter, healthier, and more powerful in my body than I have since I was in my twenties!

And, that just my results.  There are countless other success stories out there too.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Scott Iardella

Hey there, my name is Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, RKCII, CK-FMS, PN-L1.

And, I’m truly honored to be a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, among other things.

You may be wondering what all this means to you.

No problem, I’ll give you a quick explanation so you know the value of the training experience you’ll be getting.

In addition to the nearly 30 years of experience I have personally in weight training, I’m also a former Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Physical Therapist.

I’m also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN).  But, most importantly here, I’m a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, Level II (RKCII), and Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS).

What does this mean to you?  This means you’ll get the right type of training to get safe and effective results.

The bottom line is this.  You will benefit greatly from my experience and unique combination of training to teach you what you need, so you get the most results from these high value exercises.

And, I truly care about helping you discover the same benefits I did.  Listen, I absolutely know the power of this exercise tool if you get the proper training, not from any ‘joe fitness” that has no idea what they’re doing with a kettlebell.

My passion is helping people like you and getting them results.  You will see the passion for what I do in this video training session.

I’m Going to Personally Teach You Everything You Need to Know About How to Do The “Big 3” Most Effective Kettlebell Exercises, Safely and Effectively, So YOU Get the Total Body Results You Want…

Fast, Proven Results!  Want Proof?  Don’t Take My Word For It. 

You’ve already heard me talk about the long list of benefits I’ve gotten, but please don’t take my word for it.

Do me a favor and google kettlebell success stories.  See what you come up with.  Kettlebells have been around for many years for a reason.  They work!  The Russian training secret is out.

When you find out about all the successful body transformation stories out there, you’ll be amazed.  Case after case for the people that discover this proven training tool, from celebrities to everyday people.

And, here’s some of the early reviews on the new “Kettlebells for Beginners video training course:

“Scott Iardella clearly has a passion for kettlebells. His latest DVD, Kettlebells For Beginners, isn’t simply a video of an instructor showing you different exercises. It’s a step by step breakdown of arguably the three most important exercises anyone using a kettlebell can do. From body positioning to breathing nothing is left out when it comes to the mechanics of the kettlebell swing, the turkish get up, & the goblet squat. For those of us who do not have access to a certified kettlebell instructor it’s the next best thing. While you don’t get that immediate feedback on your movements, you do get a highly detailed video instruction on how to properly carry out these exercises, as well as common mistakes that beginners make when learning them. Scott Iardella is passionate about kettlebells and this DVD is proof of that. His goal is to give kettlebell users the best instruction possible so that they can perfect their movements, avoid injury, and come to love this tool just as much as he does.”
Aaron Habel, Kansas City, MO
“Your beginner kettlebell DVD is FANTASTIC!  I’ve used other “beginner” kettlebell DVD’s in the past, but not one of them took me to the instructional level that yours does.  After working through your DVD, I really feel like I can do the moves effectively. Each instructional step, allowed me to focus on the individual parts of the move.  I can now feel my muscles working harder and getting stronger throughout the exercises.  Now when I do your advanced DVD I have a more effective workout.”
Jennifer Muscha, San Jose, CA
“The DVD is AWESOME! I’m in good shape and I’ve heard great things about kettlebell training, but I never had the right instructions. Scott’s ‘Kettlebells for Beginners’ DVD provided me with the foundation for kettlebell training. Can’t wait to share this DVD with my friends in Puerto Rico! Gracias!!”
Heriberto Rodriquez, Florida & Puerto Rico
“The “Kettlebells For Beginners” DVD is a great introductory video to the 3 core kettlebell exercises.  I previously did not know where or how to start kettlebell training.  The video’s clear and methodical breakdown of each movement is HUGE!  I now feel comfortable with the kettlebell swing, the turkish get up, and the goblet squat.  Thanks for providing concise, relevant, and beneficial content in an energetic and fun training video.”
Michael Appell, Florida
“The “Kettlebells for Beginners” DVD was great!  I’ve been doing the kettlebell swing with Crossfit the wrong way for the last 3 years.  I didn’t realize there were so many fine details involved in doing the swing correctly.  Watching the DVD was the next best thing to having one-on-one personal instruction.  I found the warmup exercises and intro drills particularly helpful. I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn the basic 3 kettlebell exercises the right way. I wish this would have been available 3 years ago!”
Ken Burstein, San Francisco
Let Me Introduce the “Kettlebells for Beginners” Instructional Training DVD!

KFB Disc

STOP Doing Kettlebells the Wrong Way, Please!

If you’re already training with kettlebells and haven’t learned how to perform a proper swing and the other fundamental exercises, then this video training is specifically designed for you.  By watching this video and implementing the drills shown, you’ll learn how you can have BETTER results in less time and potentially reduce your chance for injury (if you’re training incorrectly).

And, if you’re new to kettlebells, this is the product I designed specifically for you.  If you don’t know anything about kettlebells, this is the product you need to have in your hands right now!

If you’re afraid you’rr doing the exercises the wrong way, then ‘fear not’ because this is exaclty the training you need to get you started or correct the mistakes you may have been making.

In this video training, I’ll personally teach you how to do the “Big 3″ exercises, which are:

1) The Kettlebell Swing

2) The Turkish Get Up

3) The Goblet Squat 

You’ll learn the key skills to perform these exercises for maximum impact.  These are 3 of the most important exercises you may EVER do.  You’ll get all the drills and I’ll break each exercise down for you step by step.

Join me and my friend and fitness counterpart, Sarah Grace, for an amazing fitness training experience in the Kettlbells for Beginners training video.

If You’re Just Getting Started or Haven’t Had Proper Instruction, Then This is a No-Brainer.

This training is invaluable because it provides what you need as someone just starting out.  This video contains exactly what you need to get the results you want and get started safely with kettlebells.  Learn the movements first, then perform and improve on your exercise technique.

Also in the video, I’ll explain why kettlebell training is so beneficial and unique compared to anything else out there.

This video training is essentially like “borrowing my brain” for an hour to show you, teach you, and guide you through the best kettlebell exercises for a raw beginner or if you’ve never had the proper instruction.

Remember, just because I’m only showing you only 3 exercises (actually, you’ll see that you get much more than that) doesn’t mean this is easy.  It’s not.  Simple does not mean easy.

Is This a “Magic Bullet” Solution?

If there is a “magic bullet” solution with exercise, I believe that these exercises are as close to a “magic bullet” as you’ll ever get. Nothing good comes easy and none of these exercise are easy to do, but it is about doing a few things well to get great results.

This is the foundation you need to build a great body, get a strong and powerful physique, and improve your energy, performance, and self confidence. It’s actually amazing if you really apply the principles and techniques I provide in this video training.

While there is no “magic bullet,” there are better, more efficient ways to exercise.  There are exercises that are much more powerful than others.  This training contains some of the most beneficial total body exercises there are.  When you learn them, I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that.

Scott, What’s the Catch?

Let me be very open with you.  You’ll have to actually practice the drills and techniques I teach here.  Kettlebell training requires a few things.  As I’ve already mentioned, it’s critical to get the right instruction.  This is so important for 2 reasons.

You need to learn how to do these exercises safely and correctly to get all the benefits.  It’s really that simple.  As I mentioned, you can’t “learn” from someone that has not been trained in how to use this tool properly.

Why?  It’s a different type of training (which I discuss is the video).  I tell you this upfront because you need to be safe and you need to get the results you want.

Whether you learn from me or someone else that has been properly trained, the main thing is to get the proper training.  Do this for your own sake.

The next thing you need is practice.  You may pick things up quickly, but more that likely you’re like most and you’ll need to practice and refine your skills.

Kettlebell training is “motor learning,” which is a fancy term for movement skill.  You’ll actually “learn” to move better.  You’ll learn to move stronger. 

The Missing Link:  What This Is & What This Is Not.

Here’s what’s missing in most kettlebell DVD’s.  There’s not really a product out there that takes a “deep dive” into just the “Big 3” exerices (The Swing, The Turkish Get Up, The Goblet Squat).  A video that teaches just the basics with the quality instruction you need, as a beginner.

I’m frequently asked, “what’s the best video training for a beginner?”  Tough question.  There’s always a DVD and book I recommend to people and still do, but I felt like there needed to be something more basic, more focused on just the 3 fundamental exercises.

I wanted a video training course I could pass on to people who were just getting started with kettlebells and wanted to know:

  • why kettlebells,
  • what is most important,
  • and how to do the most important exercises.

Well, that’s exactly why I created this, to provide a rock solid solution to those frequent questions.  This is it.  Simple and focused on just the fundamental “Big 3″ exercises.

You’ll definitely be able to learn what you need to get started the right way.

KFB Disc Image

This video training takes you through the step by step drills you need to “build” the foundation to perform these exercises safely and effectively for maximum results.

This is NOT a workout program, but rather the training you need to do the workouts.  Make sense?

Once you learn how to do these exercises, then you can perform the workouts.  This is the “know-how” and deep level of instruction you’ll need to perform the “Big 3” exercises the right way.

It’s all here in a fun, engaging, and intense video training session to help you build the skills you need to get the massive benefits I mention.

How can you get a beginner’s workout program if you haven’t learned how to do the exercises correctly?  The answer is you can’t.  You NEED to learn how to perform the exercises the right way first.  Then, you can do the workouts.

Here’s what you’ll get in this video training.

You’ll Get a Deep Dive Understanding Of The “Big 3” Exercises:

  1. The Kettlebell Swing:  It’s been said that the kettlebell swing is more effective than 99% of the exercises out there.  The truth is, it beats 100% of the exercises out there, if done properly.  For fat loss, total body strengthening and conditioning, cardio vascular improvement, and total body power and perforamce, the kettlebell swing is the king.  More and more people are discovering the amazing benefits of the kettlebell swing.  Will you be one of them?  I spend a lot a time with this exercise because this is the key exercise for massive results.
  2. The Turkish Get Up:  The Turkish Get up another total body exercise, but it’s completely different from the kettlebell swing. While the swing is a fast, explosive exercise, the get up is a slow deliberate exercise and offers outstanding benefits, not only for your entire body, but specifically to your shoulders and upper back.  It’s an exercise that’s been around for a few hundred years for a reason…it works!  The key is learning the skills to perform the transitions safely and effectively.  I’ll break down the 7 different transitions you need do know about to do this exercise properly.  This is an amazing exercise, as you’ll see.
  3. The Goblet Squat:  The most deceiving thing about this exercise is that most people think it’s just for the legs.  This is actually a total body exercise when done correctly.  It’s a great functional movement and can be easily integrated into your training program to boost your results.  A simple, but powerful exercise that strengthens and builds your entire body, not just your legs.  I’ll give you the key tips that make this is powerful exercise in the “Big 3″ combination.

Again, the focus is in teaching the 3 exercises above, so that you get the most ‘bang for your buck.’  These are the foundation of your kettllebell skills.

You’ll get all my knowledge and guidance teaching you for an entire 60 minutes.  This is a teaching and coaching session to teach you how to do these exercises properly.

You’ll also get my friend and fitness colleague, Sarah Grace, who joined me in this video training.

In the video training, you’ll see me going through all the drills and exercise demonstrations with Sarah.  She was absolutely fantastic and a big help so that you can see how I teach and what you should be doing.

Simply follow along with Sarah and I to practice the things you need to ‘build’ these exercises for maximum results.  If you are new to kettlebells, this is the video training you must get to begin safely and effectively.

This video training DVD is approximately 60 minutes and is a complete introductory course in kettlebell training.  This is the product I wish I had when I started out.

The value of this product is easily over $100, which is what I charge for one private session to instruct and teach as I do in this video.  But, even with that you won’t get all the detailed instruction I provide in this video.

You won’t pay $100.  I’m offering this extremely comprehensive DVD training for just $47.  There’s no reason not to take action right now and grab it because I know you won’t be disappointed.  The value to you is outstanding.

I Created This Video To Be The Definitive Video Training Session For Someone Brand New to Kettlebells.

I wanted to create a unique video training course that would teach the 3 most important kettlebell exercises for beginners.  I wanted to be able to hand someone a DVD when they asked, “How do I get started with kettlebells?”

This is the DVD that I would give someone that asked that question.  Not only is it the initial training for a beginner, but it also provides video commentary on common questions about kettlebells.

Is this the only training you’ll ever need?  It definitely is not.  It is, however, a rock solid starting point to establish a strong foundation in your kettlebell training.  It’s the training you need to get the results you want.  Kettlebell training is continuous learning, that’s one of the great things about it.  You’ll never stop learning and improving on these exercises and techniques, please remember that.

If you want results, then get this product.  You have nothing to lose with my ‘bullet proof” guarantee (see below).

Here’s My Bullet Proof Guarantee!


I’m very confident you’ll be very happy with this training.  If you do what I show you and implement the drills and techniques that are shown here, you’ll have the rock solid foundation you’ll need for great results.

You have nothing to lose, only the training and education you need to move you closer to your goals.  If you are not satisfied with the “Kettlebells For Beginners” video training for any reason whatsoever, simply return it within 60 days for a complete, no questions asked full money back refund.

I want to make sure that this product totally exceeds your expectations and meets your needs.  If it doesn’t, send it back and I’ll refund your money in full with a no hassle, bullet proof guarantee.  Again, you’ve got nothing to lose and all the risk is on me.

Are You Going to Think About It Or Do Something About It?

If you’re on the fence about this, I encourage you to take action RIGHT NOW.  You will only GAIN from this training, no matter where you are.  If you’re brand new to kettlebells, then this is the product you MUST have!  Or if you’ve never had the proper training, you need this to get what the results you want.  My hope is that you’ll discover the unbelievable power of this type of training, like I have.

Better results in less time is what you get with kettlebells.  So, take bold action right now and make it happen.


My main goal in this video training is to teach people who are serious about getting results the right way with kettlebells.  Also, to provide a system that is a safe and highly effective way to learn kettlebells.

I only want you to invest in this if you are SERIOUS about your training, your health, and improving your physical potential.  If you’re a “tire kicker” that keeps bouncing from exercise fad to exercise fad, this definitely isn’t for you.

This training is comprehensive and I put a lot into it to share what I know with you.  I wanted to create a simple ‘system’ for beginners demonstrating the most important tips and training for 3 powerful total body exercises.  This is a system of training guaranteed to get you started the right way and get you results or your money back.

If you’re ready to learn kettlebells and get started towards amazing results, then click the “Add to Cart” button to order now and your DVD will ship out quickly to provide an experience in getting started with kettlebells the right way.

Not only do you have a great learning opportunity here, but you’ll have fun with Sarah and I in this engaging instructional video.  I put my passion and excitement in this because I know how effective these exercises really are.

With the “Kettlebells for Beginners” training DVD, you’l learn how to build a fit, lean, strong, and powerful body with 3 big impact kettlebell exercises.

Let me show you how I did it and I’ll see you in this video training course!


Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, RKCII, CK-FMS, PN-L1
Creator of The Kettlebells for Beginners training video.


The time is RIGHT NOW for you to get started the right way with kettlebells and start building a fitter, stronger, more powerful physique!  When you get the video, I want you to implement the drills and techniques I teach.  If you are ready to get started with kettlebells and get the results you’re looking for, then this is the way to begin.


You can “think about it” or you can “do something about it.”  It’s really up to you.  If you want to get in amazing shape, then this is the training to get you started with total body power in less time than you can imagine.  Make a smart decision and do something about it RIGHT NOW!

KFB Disc Image